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Hi! I'm Miri.

Interaction and communication designer. I design engaging experiences and thought-out solutions. I love learning, exploring, and have a passion for storytelling.

Here is some of my recent work that I'd like to share with you.

Preview_Joined Forces_Desktop_4-3-image.png

Joined Forces

A playful, interactive tool for Jujutsu practice during the Covid-19 pandemic

Interaction design, workshop facilitation, prototyping (Micro:bits), martial arts

Knock Knock

An app for interactive storytelling and for practicing creative writing with others

Communication design, concept development, prototyping (Figma), illustration, creative writing


The Ocean Starts Here

A tangible toolkit with modifiable storytelling activities for educating on ocean literacy

Interaction design, co-design, workshop facilitation, toolkit, ocean literacy

Open Legacies

UX-Research exploring thanatosensitivity in

the context of creators' digital commons contributions.

Interaction design, interviews, workshop facilitation, Miro, digital legacy, open source

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